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We are dedicated to revolutionizing the way you save and invest for your future. With a deep commitment to financial innovation and customer-centric solutions, we empower individuals and families to take control of their financial destinies through our cutting-edge digital savings plans.

We offer the world’s first patent-pending digital savings account to make it easy for anyone to give and share digital assets securely. Just like giving savings bonds was once a standard, Digital savings plan certificates will be the norm in a few years. Give a friend or someone you love a gift that will last a lifetime. Start saving today for what matters most by opening a Digital Savings Plan online today!


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Digital Savings Certificates are a modern financial instrument that combines the benefits of traditional savings certificates with the exciting world of cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. These certificates offer individuals a unique opportunity to securely invest in and access the potential growth of Bitcoin, all within a structured and reliable digital framework.

Key Features of Digital Savings Plans:

  1. Secure Investment: Our patented Digital Savings Certificates provide a secure and regulated way for people to invest in Bitcoin, mitigating the risks associated with managing cryptocurrencies independently.

  2. Structured Savings: These certificates offer a structured savings plan, allowing individuals to commit to regular contributions over a set period, promoting disciplined saving and investment habits.

  3. Bitcoin Accessibility: By holding these certificates, investors gain exposure to the price movements of Bitcoin, potentially benefiting from its growth as a valuable digital asset.